Volume 18:3: Spring 2017

JED D. MELNICK SYMPOSIUM: The Pound Conferences: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Living the Dream of ADR: Reflections on Four Decades of the Quiet Revolution in Dispute Resolution

-Thomas J. Stipanowich

A New Chapter in Natural Resource-Seeking Investment: Using Shared Decisions System Design (“SDSD”) to Strengthen Investor-State and Community Relationships
-Mariana Hernandez Crespo G

Dispute System Design and the Global Pound Conference
-Lisa Blomgren Amsler

Access to Digital Justice: Fair and Efficient Processes for the Modern Age
-Orna Rabinovich-Einy & Ethan Katsh

Transforming Business Through Proactive Dispute Management
-Deborah Masucci & Shravanthi Suresh

The History and Legacy of the Pound Conferences
Lara Traum & Brian Farkas


A Model for the use of ADR to Efficiently Distribute a Significant Settlement Fund in Mass Claims Litigation Without Sacrificing an Individualized Assessment of Claims
-Lynn P. Cohn

Online Dispute Resolution: Stinky, Repugnant, or Drab
-Robert J. Condlin

Can Mediation Deliver Justice?
-Sherif Elnegahy

Investor Corruption as a Defense Strategy of Host States in International Investment Arbitration: Investors’ Corrupt Acts Give an Unfair Advantage to Host States in Investment Arbitration
-Margareta Habazin


The Waning of the Indian Child Welfare Act: How Mediation May Help Save the Act and Preserve its Original Intent
-Alice Wade

Activist Investors and Mediation
-Juliana Bleiberg

Using Crisis Negotiation Team Methods to Decrease Violence in Prisons
-Emily Katz

Utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution to Foster Comprehensive Traumatic Brain Injury Research
-Michael Meyers

Can’t We All Get What We Want?: The Use of Tiered Dispute Resolution as a Means of Sustaining Free Market Channel-Sharing Arrangements Resulting From The FCC’s 2016 Incentive Auction
-Daniel Spencer