Volume 16.3

2014 Jed D. Melnick Annual Symposium

Sleeping? Comatose? Only Mandatory Consideration of Mediation Can Awake Sleeping Beauty in the European Union
Giuseppe De Palo & Romina Canessa

Mediation: The Best and Worst of Times
Jacqueline Nolan-Haley

Bush and Folger – Reclaiming Mediations Future”>Reclaiming Mediation’s Future: Re-Focusing on Party Self-Determination
Robert A. Baruch Bush & Joseph P. Folger

The Mediation Coma: Purposeful or Problematic
Kimberlee K. Kovach

Barnacles, Aristocracy and Truth Denial: Three not so Beautiful Aspects of Contemporary Mediation
James R. Coben

Mediator Misunderstanding of Bargaining Basics: Heading in an Ugly Direction
Joseph B. Stulberg

The Mediation Witches
Eric R. Galton

The Repeat Player Effect in Child Protection Mediation: Dangers of and Protections Against Second-Class Justice for Marginalized Parties
Donna Erez-Navot

2014 International Advocate for Peace

Fourteenth Annual International Advocate for Peace Award Honoring Judge Daniel Weinstein


Judicial Conflict Resolution (JCR): A New Jurisprudence for an Emerging Judicial Practice
Michal Alberstein


Copyright Alert System: Six-Strikes and Forced Arbitration Might Not be the Answer
Brett Schiff

Welcome to the Jungle, Where the Rent is Too Damn High: Using Rent Regulation in New York City to Maintain an Affordable Housing Stock
Gabrielle DeNaro

Safe and Sound: How ADR Can Protect Aquatic Life and National Security
James Diskint