2017 Symposium: Persistent Human Divides: Creative Initiatives for Communication, Collaboration, and Cohesion

The symposium will feature a keynote and panels examining innovations in development of dispute resolution teaching, training and tools  here in New York and around the world.  The utility of a variety of creative approaches and processes will be explored including:

  •      Dispute resolution curriculum for our times
  •      An important role for art, quotations, films, and storytelling in expanding perspectives
  •      The role of journalists in shaping their readers understanding of conflicts
  •      Talking or peacemaking circles to promote healing and harmony in families and communities
  •      Facilitation and training for groups traditionally “at war” or needing cohesion and community

We believe by actively tackling these issues with some of the great thinkers and doers in the ADR field, we will be able to create a symposium that can help address the persistent and troubling human divides of our times.