Volume 9.2


Reducing Estate and Trust Litigation Through Disclosure, In Terrorem Clauses, Mediation and Arbitration

– Jonathan G. Blattmachr

Who Can Be Against Fairness? The Case Against the Arbitration Fairness Act

– Peter B. Rutledge

Symposium – ADR in the Aftermath Post-Disaster Strategies

Mitigating Disaster: A Communitarian Response

– Robert M. Ackerman

Disaster Basics: The Life Cycle of a Disaster and the Role of Conflict Resolution Professionals

– Linda Baron

Conflict Resolution in the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Attacks: A Family Mediation Program 

– Alan E. Gross

Mediation: The Common Sense Solution to Solving the Myriad Choice of Law Issues in Complex Aviation Accident Cases

– Michael J. Holland

Disaster Mediation: Lessons in Conflict Coordination and Collaboration

– Mel Rubin

ADR — Appropriate Disaster Recovery

– Michael Tsur

Taking Stock: ADR Responses in Post-Disaster Situations

– Maria R. Volpe

The Mediation of Securities Class Action Suits

Introduction: Jed D. Melnick. Featuring:

    – Honorable Daniel Weinstein, Michael Young, Mary Jo Barry, Max Berger, Michael Goodstein, Gregory Markel, Samuel H. Rudman and Alan Salpeter


International Advocate for Peace Award

2007 Cardozo International Advocate for Peace Award: Acceptance Speech

– Jeffrey Sachs

Denying Genocide: Law, Identity and Historical Memory in the Face of Mass Atrocity Conference

– Belinda Cooper

The Psychic Life of Denial

– Susan Derwin

A Constitutional “Right” to Deny and Promote Genocide? Preempting the Usurpation of Human Rights Discourse Towards Incitement from a Canadian Perspective

– Karen Ellis

Taking Denial Seriously: Genocide Denial and Freedom of Speech in French Law

– Sevane Garibian



Doubling Up the Horses in Midstream: Enhancing U.S. Patent Dispute Resolution by the PTO’s Adoption of the JPO’s Hantei Request System

– Gino Cheng