Volume 13.2


E-Discovery Mediation & the Art of Keyword Search

Daniel B. Garrie and Edwin A. Machuca

Arbitrating Cultural Property Disputes

Elizabeth Varner


A Case Of Conflict Of Cultures: End of-Life Decision Making Among Asian Americans

Pat K. Chew

Conflicts As Inner Trials: Transitions For Clients, Ideas For Lawyers

Jonathan R. Cohen

Wisdom And Conflict Resolution: A Possible Framework For Integrated Practice

Rachel Goldberg and Brian Blancke

“There Is A World Elsewhere”: Preliminary Studies On Alternatives To Interest-based Bargaining

– F. Peter Phillips


To Kill A Mockingbird Mediator?: Assessing The Need For Third-party Neutrals In Federal Bankruptcy Courts’ Home Foreclosure Avoidance Programs

Lancelot L. Esteibar

“I Didn’t Agree To Arbitrate That!” — How Courts Determine If Employees’ Sexual Assault And Sexual Harassment Claims Fall Within The Scope Of Broad Mandatory Arbitration Clauses

Eric Koplowitz

Abuse, Mediation And The Catholic Church: How Enforcing And Improving Existing Statutes Will Help Victims Recover

– Jeffrey Pruzan

A Proposal For An Alternate Dispute Resolution Process For The Fashion Industry After The Innovative Design Protection And Piracy Prevention Act

– David Reap

Applying Privilege In International Arbitration: The Case For A Uniform Rule

Rachel Reiser

A Moot Issue? Rethinking Holocaust Era Restitution Of Jewish Confiscated Personal Property In Poland

– Lara Weissman

The Use of Mediation as a Complement to the Integrated Domestic Violence Courts of New York

Lauren K. Williams