Volume 12.2


Conflict, Climate Change, and Environmental Catastrophe: How Mediators Can Help Save the Planet

– Kenneth Cloke

Negotiating the Wind: A Framework to Engage Citizens in Siting Wind Turbines

– Sean F. Nolon

Citizen David Tames Gas Goliaths on the Marcellus Shale Stage: Citizen Action As a Form of Dispute Prevention in the Internet Age

– Elisabeth N. Radow

2010 Annual Symposium: Keynote Speech

– Joseph A. Siegel



The Ongoing Debate about Mediation in the Context of Domestic Violence: A Call for Empirical Studies of Mediation Effectiveness

– Susan Landrum

The Brains Behind Mediation: Reflections on Neuroscience, Conflict Resolution and Decision-Making

– Daniel Weitz



Comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Connection with its Review Of Arbitration for Consumer Financial Products or Services

– Edna Sussman


Twelfth Annual International Advocate for Peace Award Ceremony

International Advocate for Peace Award Ceremony: Opening Remarks

– Dr. Peter T. Coleman

International Advocate for Peace Award Ceremony Acceptance Speech

– Abigail E. Disney



Contracting for Arbitration in Custody Disputes: Parental Autonomy vs. State Responsibility

– Christina Fox

After the ECJ’s West Tankers: The Clash of Civilizations On the Issue of an Anti-Suit Injunction

– Grace Gunah Kim

East Meets West: Introducing Sharia into the Rules Governing International Arbitrations at the BCDR-AAA

– Elana Levi-Tawil

Japan’s Business Revitalization ADR: An Economic Savior or a Convenient Excuse to Avoid Bankruptcy? 

– Naoko Okamoto

The Demise of Class Actions Will Not Be Televised

– Benjamin Sachs-Michaels