Volume 11.2


For Business Dispute Solutions, Process Matters

– David C. Albalah and Jesse D. Steele

Negotiating Implementation of a Peace Agreement: Lessons Learned From Five Years at the Negotiating Table

– Amos N. Guiora

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Real Estate Matters: The New York Experience

– Gerald Lebovits and Lucero Ramirez Hidalgo

Mediation Starts From the First Phone Call—Practice Pointers and Helpful Hints for Lawyers Going to Mediation

– Robin Gise, Jed Melnick, Vivien Shelanski, and John Wilkinson

Mandatory Mediation: An Oxymoron? Examining the Feasibility of Implementing a Court-Mandated Mediation Program

– Dorcas Quek

Recommendations Regarding Establishment of a Mediation Clinic

– Cynthia A. Savage



Enhancing the Effectiveness of Mediation in Korean-American Family Disputes: Cultural Sensitivity Training for Mediators and Co-Mediation Teams

– Giyang An

Gentrification jen-tr -f -k¯a-sh n and Mediation: Where a Single Pronunciation and Differing Perceptions Converge

– Tiffany Ansley

Child Custody: Don’t Worry, a Bet Din Can Get it Right

– Jeffrey Haberman

Fulfilling the Washington Principles: A Proposal for Arbitration Panels to Resolve Holocaust-Era Art Claims

– Jessica Mullery

The Federal Arbitration Act After Alafabco: A Case Analysis

– Benjamin D. Tievsky

Transcending Cultural Nationalist and Internationalist Tendencies: The Case for Mutually Beneficial Repatriation Agreements

– Joshua S. Wolkoff

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