International Advocate for Peace Award 2016

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The Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution will honor Benjamin B. Ferencz with the 2016 International Advocate for Peace Award for his lifelong devotion to the eradication of war and development of effective world law to make peace more attainable. As an advocate for the international rule of law and an international advocate for peace, Ferencz has committed his life to creating a world of tolerance and compassion. His lifelong accomplishments demonstrate that the law, not violence or war, is the most effective cure for injustice.

As a Chief Prosecutor against Nazi war crimes in the Nuremberg trials, Ferencz helped reshape traditional approaches to holding war criminals accountable for their actions. His role in negotiating the Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany set a precedent for building positive bonds between the two nations in the aftermath of the Holocaust. His commitment to the International Criminal Court stands as a testament to current and future lawyers, as well as activists, that the law can be an effective and civilized response to even the most horrific actions.

In honoring Benjamin Ferencz, the students of the Journal acknowledge his devotion to Appropriate Dispute Resolution. He has been a champion of new methods for negotiation, the creation of new courts, and the use of international public prosecution to address international conflicts. The Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution is proud to present the International Advocate for Peace Award to Benjamin Ferencz for reminding the world that violence is never the answer, peace is always the goal, and law and courts have an important place in the field of conflict resolution.

Please join us at 12pm on Monday, April 11, 2016 in the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Dean’s Conference Room (Rm 1008), as Benjamin B. Ferencz appears to accept the 2016 IAP award.


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