Fall 2015 Symposium: All in the Family

All in the Family:

Intimate Parties,

Intimate Issues and ADR

The Symposium, convening on October 19th 2015, was a raging success.

200 attendees gathered at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law for a full day of panel discussions that were endlessly engaging, rousing and inspiring.

The many renowned presenters included:
Professor David Hoffman, Professor Joanna Grossman, Professor Forrest Mosten, Abby Wittlin Tolchinsky, Ellie Wertheim, Professor Ed Stein, Justice Jacqueline Silbermann, Peter Salem, Professor Stacey Platt, Professor Herbie DiFonzo, Nadia Shahram, Jody Miller, Professor Kelly Browe Olson, Professor Michael Broyde, Professor Lela Love, Alla Roytberg, Rachel Green, Zena Zumeta, and Robert K. Collins.

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