Volume 21.2: Winter 2020


ADR: Disputing with a Modern Face, Or Bargaining for the Bargaining Impaired?

– Robert J. Condlin


Competition Between State Courts and Private Tribunals

– Horst Eidenmüller


Peer Mediation: Equipping Student Leaders with The Ability to Resolve Internal Conflicts

– Leonora Gogos


How a Good Idea Became a Bad Idea: Universities and the Use of Non-Disclosure Agreements in Terminations for Sexual Misconduct

– Julie Macfarlane


Can the Pursuit of Truth Reconcile with the Principle of Minimizing False Convictions?

– Doron Menashe


Arbitration of Worker Contracts: New Prime’s Proper Statutory Interpretation of the 1925 Federal Arbitration Act

– Margaret L. Moses



2019 Camp Courthouse Colloquy United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit: Leadership and Mediation

– Featuring General Colin Powell



Crossing the Border or Crossing the Line? Why Alternate Dispute Resolution is the Best Route to Reunite Families of Immigrant Children Separated at The U.S.-Mexico Border

– Colby Berman


Where’s the Beef: The Use of Mediation to Resolve Disputes Between Rappers

– Craig Epstein


How Mediation Between Schools and Students Will Help Students Combat Student Debt

– Joshua A. Graber


The Ongoing Speculation About Smart Contracts: Smart Enough to Replace Third Party Arbitrators, or Is “Smart” Just A Misnomer?

– Rakhil Kalantarova