Volume 21.1: Fall 2019


The Life of Arbitration Law Has Been Experience, Not Logic: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and the Federal Arbitration Act

– William F. Fox and Ylli Dautaj


The Need for an Independent Children’s Commissioner in Hong Kong: A Good Governance Imperative

– Katherine Lynch


Elder Restorative Justice

– Mary Helen McNeal and Maria Brown



Nineteenth Annual International Advocate for Peace Award

International Advocate for Peace Award Acceptance Speech

– Sir James Paul McCartney



The Universal Periodic Review as a Form of Alternative Dispute Resolution: Strengths & Shortcomings

– Sara Alvarez


Novel Adaptation to Stage and Screen: Rethinking the Contractual and Creative Process

– Jennifer Rainville McCabe


Is President Trump Violating the First Amendment When Blocking Citizens on Twitter?: Exploring Multi-Party Negotiation as a Way to Protect Citizens’ Rights in the Wake of the New Digital Age

– Ashley B. Mongiello


A Solution to The Silencing and Denial: How ADR Can Harmonize Catholic Law with the International Communities Demand to End the Sexual Victimization of Children in the Catholic Church

– Danielle Shayne Shapero

Congratulations to our 2015-16 Editorial Board and Staff on Completing Work Week!

Work Week 2015


After a rigorous training period, the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution is proud to announce the selection of our full 2015-16 Editorial Board and Staff:

3L Editorial Board:

  • Editor-in-Chief – Lara Traum
  • Executive Editor – Suleman Malik
  • Senior Articles Editor – Alexander Shapos
  • Senior Notes Editor – Sheena Ching
  • Symposium Editor – Robert Ellis
  • Articles Editors – Amanda Glaubach, Kai-Wen (Karen) Hsieh, Rachel Klein
  • Notes Editors – Alexandra Eisig, Allison O’Brien, David Rabbani
  • Business Editor – Mary Beth Winningham
  • Associate Editors – Micah Coffee, Noelle Forde, Maria Kozak, Jessica Moody, Lauren Valli

2L Staff Members:

  • Efraim Adler
  • Rushelle Bailey
  • Carlyle Balfour
  • Isaac Baskin
  • Juliana Blieberg
  • Harrison Braun
  • Elad Bronstein
  • Zachary Carlin
  • Jae Young Cho
  • Lay Hoon (Clara) Chua
  • Angelina Dalia
  • Emily Denn
  • Priyanka Desai
  • Richard Diorio
  • Benjamin Dynkin
  • Samantha Elie
  • Justin Gindi
  • Elana Glasser
  • Melanie Goldberg
  • Lindsay Goldbrum
  • Nicole Hertzberg
  • Keli Huang
  • Joseph Kamelhar
  • Brandon Kassimir
  • Emily Katz
  • Mendy Katzman
  • Shahnewaz Khan
  • Ahuva Kohanteb
  • Kristine Koopman
  • Michael Meyers
  • Jacob Onile-Ere
  • Spencer Pearlman
  • Amanda Rosencrans
  • Brian Salazar
  • Eitan Schreier
  • Danielle Siegler
  • Danielle Singer
  • Damali Slowe
  • Stephanie Sonsino
  • Daniel Spencer
  • Robert Spiesman
  • Eric Strum
  • Markus Suazo
  • David Swiedler
  • Alice Wade
  • Rachel Walker
  • Kelsey Weiner
  • Cecile Wortman
  • Solomon Zoldan

Notes Editor co-authors amicus brief for the U.S. Supreme Court

Yonatan Tammam, Notes Editor for the Journal of Conflict Resolution, recently co-authored an amicus brief for the United States Supreme Court through the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Tax Clinic. The brief urges the Court to find that equitable tolling applies in a Medicare case and advising it that its decision will have implications for equitable tolling in the tax arena.

Read the Amicus Brief here!