Is Mediation a Sleeping Beauty?

Thank you to all the wonderful participants who joined us on November 5th, 2014 for the 2014 Annual Jed D. Melnick Symposium, Is Mediation a Sleeping Beauty?

If you missed the Symposium, you can read all about it here.

The event was a smashing success and has sparked some great debate.

Professor Lela Love wrote about the event and highlights from the speakers. Read the article here.

Professor John Lande wrote a response to Professor Love’s article and to our Symposium. Read the article here.


Front Row, Left to Right: Brett Schiff, Lara Traum, Arriel Rubenstein, Hal Abramson, Lela Love, Robert Baruch Bush, Tracey Frish, James Coben, Laurel Kaufer, Paula Shulman; Back Row, Left to Right: Nancy Welsh, Jacqueline Nolan – Haley, Kimberlee Kovach, Douglas Frenkel, Giuseppe DePalo, Joseph Stulberg, Brad Heckman, Dan Weitz, Donna Erez-Navot (Not Pictured: Jim Stark, Eric Galton, Carol Liebman)