Volume 19.1: Fall 2017



Are Legal Disputes Just About the Money? Answers from Mediators on the Front Line

-Hal Abramson, Bennett Picker, Bill Marsh, Birgit Sambeth Glasner, and Jerry Weiss


Litigation Risk Assessment: A Tool to Enhance Negotiation

-Michaela Keet


Why Arbitration Clauses May Make Sense in Cyber Insurance Policies

-Andrew Nadolna, Adrienne Publicover, and Daniel Garrie





Mediation Ethics: A CAMP Courthouse Colloquy, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

-Conversation between Kathleen Scanlon and John Feerick with Introduction by Chief Justice Robert Katzmann of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit



2017 International Advocate for Peace Award


Seventeenth Annual International Advocate for Peace Award Honoring Dr. Rajiv Shah





Rwanda and the Kigali International Arbitratration Centre: The Future Faces of East African Arbitration and Growth

-Jeremy Cantor


Early Non-Military Intervention to Prevent Atrocity Crimes

-Sarah Lesser


Independent Contractors or Employees? Why Mediation Should Be Utilizied by Uber and Its Drivers to Solve the Mystery of How to Define Working Individuals in a Sharing Economy Business Model

-Ethan Rubin


Developing Improved Tactics for Advance Pricing Agreements to Decrease Negotiation Lead Time

-Ryan Vines