Volume 18:2: Winter 2017


When “Getting It Right” Is What Matters Most, Arbitrations Are Better Than Trials

- Wayne D. Brazil


Emerging Internal Control In Institutional Arbitration

- Meng Chen

Why Can’t They Settle? The Psychology Of Relational Disputes

- Harry L. Munsinger & Donald R. Philbin, Jr.


Why Wait So Long: The Cornelius Gurlitt Collection And The Need For Clear Adr Mechanisms In The Restitution Of Looted Art

- Samantha Elie

Suspended Sentence Contingent Upon Participation In Victim Offender Mediation For Juveniles Who Commit Violent Crimes

-Lindsay Goldbrum

One Country, Two Systems: Hong Kong’s Unique Status And The Development And Growth Of Arbitration In China

- Jiali (Keli) Huang

Hollywood Accounting: Profit Participation And The Use Of Mediation As A Mode Of Resolving These Disputes

-Eric Strum

Is It Time To Pay Attention? Critiquing The Cognitive Enhancement Drug Policies And Appeals Process In United States Collegiate Sports

-David Sweidler