Volume 18:1: Fall 2016


Formal Training Does Not Always Eliminate Gender-Based Negotiation Differences

- Charles B. Craver 

Whole Other Story: Applying Narrative Mediation to the Immigration Beat

- Carol Pauli

Gendered Differences in Negotiation: Advancing an Understanding of Sources, Effects, and Awareness

- Stacy M. Roberts

Land Use Consultations Advancing Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Ripe for Clinical Trials

- Michael N. Widener

2016 International Advocate for Peace Award

Sixteenth Annual International Advocate for Peace Award Honoring Benjamin “Ben” Ferencz


Shifting from ‘Consent’ to Advice: Reimagining the Role of the Senate in Foreign Affairs

- Benjamin Dynkin

Utilizing ADR in Domestic Adoptions for Same-Sex Couples

-Nicole Hertzberg

Reining in Recalcitrant Broker-Dealers: Customers Negotiating With Broker-Dealers to Arbitrate Before Seeking Interpleader

-Rushelle Bailey

Taiwan’s Path to Independence: Resolving the “One China” Dispute

-Kristine Yeh Koopman

Classwide Arbitration: A Method of Resolving the “Natural” Food Label Litigations

-Angelina Dalia