Volume 17.1


How to Conduct Effective Telephone and E-Mail Negotiations

-Charles B. Craver 

The Legitimacy Crisis and the Future of Courts

-Orna Rabinovich-Einy

Fitting the Forum to the Pernicious Fuss: A Dispute System Design to Address Implicit Bias and ‘Isms in the Workplace

- Elayne E. Greenberg 

Jury Glasses: Wearable Technology and its Role in Crowdsourcing Justice

- Anjanette H. Raymond & Scott J. Shackelford

Death by Discovery, Delay, and Disempowerment: Legal Authority For Arbitrators to Provide a Cost-Effective and Expeditious Process

- Tracey B. Frisch 


Involved, Empowered and Inspired: How Mediating Halakhic Prenuptial Agreements Honors Jewish and American Law and Builds Happy Families

- Lara Traum 

Where Do We Fight?: A Way to Resolve the Conflict Between a Forum Selection Clause and FINRA Arbitration Rule 12200

-Suleman Malik

Breaking the Impasse: A Two-Pronged Approach for Resolving Sovereign Debt Holdout Disputes

-Alexander Shapos 

“Pay-For-Delay” Settlements Post-ACTAVIS: Why Mediation Can Tackle the “Unreasonable” Antitrust Settlements

-Sheena Ching