Volume 16.2


Trusting Strangers: Dispute Resolution in the Crowd
-Anjanette H. Raymond & Abbey Stemler

“Commercial Peacemaking”—The New Role of the International Commercial Arbitration Legal Order
-Tamar Meshel

Judges as Gatekeepers to Mediation: The Russian Case
-Kathryn Hendley

Reorienting Restorative Justice: Initiating a New Dialogue of Rights Consciousness, Community Empowerment and Politicization
-Thalia González

No More Click? Click in Here: E-Mediation in Divorce Disputes–the Reality and the Desirable
-Dafna Lavi

Quintessential Intractability: Attractors and Barriers in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
-Samuel (Muli) Peleg

Dispute Resolution Clauses in International Sponsored Research Contracts
-Dennis Lazarev

Book Review

Beginning with Yes: A Review Essay on Michael Wheeler’s The Art of Negotiation: How to Improvise Agreement in a Chaotic World
-Leonard L. Riskin


Repatriation of Korean Cultural Property Looted by Japan–Can a Sincere Apology Resolve the Centuries-Old Korea/Japan Dispute?
-Melissa (YoungJae) Koo

“It Doesn’t Seem Very Fair, Because We Were Here First”: Resolving The Sioux Nation Black Hills Land Dispute and the Potential for Restorative Justice to Facilitate Government-to-Government Negotiations
-Rita Lenane

The Bomb Keeps the Lights On: The Use of Final-Offer Arbitration in Failed Retransmission Consent Negotiations
-Daniel J. Weiss