Volume 16.1


A Framework for Advancing Negotiation Theory: Implications from a Study of How Lawyers Reach Agreement in Pretrial Litigation
-John Lande

Good Pretrial Lawyering: Planning to Get to Yes Sooner, Cheaper, and Better
-John Lande

Status and Contract in an Emerging Democracy: The Evolution of Dispute Resolution in Ghana
-Paul F. Kirgis

The Critical Nature of Verbal Leaks and Nonverbal Signals During Bargaining Interactions
-Charles B. Craver

The Conventional Wisdom of Discharge Arbitration Outcomes and Remedies: Fact or Fiction
-Mario F. Bognanno, Jonathan E. Booth, Thomas J. Norman, Laura J. Cooper, and Stephen F. Befort

Prisoner Facilitated Mediation: Bringing Peace to Prisons and Communities
-Laurel Kaufer, Douglas E. Noll, and Jessica Mayer

Room for Me? – An Analysis of Whether Mediation is a Viable Solution to School Bullying
-Angelique Palmer


Brazil’s Legacy of International Parental Child Abduction: Mediation Under the Hague Abduction Convention as a Solution
-Paula Shulman

The War on Drugs is Over (If You Want It): State Drug Courts as an Alternative to Criminal Courts for Low-Level Nonviolent Drug Offenders
-Blake Courlang

FRCP 26 vs. FRE 408: Why Settlement Negotiations Should Be Privileged Against Third-Party Discovery
-Andrew Sher

We Are Not Who We Pretend to Be: ODR Alternatives to Online Impersonation Statutes
-Kori Clanton