Volume 15.3


The Improbable Birth and Conceivable Death of the Securities Arbitration Clinic

-Jill Gross

Opening the Floodgates of Small Customer Claims in FINRA Arbitration: FINRA v. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

-Teresa J. Verges

The SEC Adds a New Weapon: How Does the New Admission Requirement Change the Landscape?

-Paul Radvany

Informed Consent in Mediation: Promoting Pro Se Parties’ Informed Settlement Choice While Honoring the Mediator’s Ethical Duties

-Michael T. Colatrella Jr.

An Empirical Study of Arbitrators Acting as Mediators in China

-Fan Kun

The Pepperdine Model: Learn First—Then Practice

-Robert A. Uhl & Judith Hale Norris


The Stop Online Piracy Act: The Latest Manifestation Of A Conflict Ripe for Alternative Dispute Resolution

-Steven Tremblay

International Commercial Arbitration, Anticipatory Repudiation, and the Lex Mercatoria

-Kyle Winnick