Volume 15.2: Symposium Issue

Symposium Issue Introduction and Dedication

-Shawna Benston


Ethics Consultations and Conflict Engagement in Health Care

-Charity Scott

The Growing Power of Healthcare Ethics Committees Heightens Due Process Concerns

-Thaddeus Mason Pope

Bioethics Mediation at the End of Life: Opportunities and Limitations

-Ellen Waldman

Managing Conflict in Clinical Health Care With Diminished Reliance on Third Party Intervention: Forging an Ethical and Legal Mandate for Effective Physician-Patient Communication

-Edward J. Bergman

Bioethics Mediation & the End of Clinical Ethics As We Know It

-Autumn Fiester

“Cut the Dog in Half”: Resolving Animal Law Disputes Through the Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution

-Michael Ploudre Kaiser


Chapter 9 Bankruptcy in California: The Efficacy of Mandating Alternative Dispute Resolution in Municipal Bankruptcy Filings

-Michael Galen

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction: Using Restorative Justice to Satisfy Victims’ Rights

-Jessica M. Marshall