Volume 15.1


Lessons from Teaching Students to Negotiate Like a Lawyer

John Lande

Constitutional Conundrums in Arbitration

S.I. Strong

Get on the Plane: Why Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is Best Done by Traveling There

Andrea Kupfer Schneider and Katie Lonze

Law and Negotiation: Necessary Partners or Strange Bedfellows?

Nancy L. Schultz

Without Precedent: Legal Analysis in the Age of Non-Judicial Dispute Resolution

Mark Edwin Burge

Mickey Goes to France: A Case Study of the Euro Disney Negotiations

- Lauren A. Newell

Conflicts Between Arbitration Agreements and Arbitration Rules

Steven C. Bennett

Response to Condlin’s Critique of Transformative Mediation

Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph P. Folger


What’s Law Got To Do With It?: Why We Should Mediate, Rather Than Litigate, Cases of Wrongful Life

Shawna Benston

No Longer Left To Their Own Devices: Utilizing and Facilitating Mediation to Give Students Access to Assistive Technology

Eric Slepak

The Age of (Guilt Or) Innocence: Using ADR to Reform New York’s Juvenile Justice System in the Wake ofMiller v. Alabama

Morgan Molinoff

Family Court Mediation After the Financial Crisis: A Struggle Worth New York’s Attention

Jessica G. Mayer