Volume 9.1


Bargaining With a Hugger: The Weaknesses and Limitations of a Communitarian Conception of Legal Dispute Bargaining, or Why We Can’t All Just Get Along

- Robert J. Condlin

Restorative Justice and the Pre-Conditions for Grace: Taking Victim’s Needs Seriously

- Ellen Waldman



Of All the Things I’ve Lost, I Miss My Marbles the Most! An Alternative Approach to the Epic Problem of the Elgin Marbles

- Melineh S. Ounanian

Apology in the Context of Wrongful Conviction: Why the System Should Say It’s Sorry

- Abigail Penzell

Strike Three – You’re Out! Revamping the New York State Taylor Law in Response to Three Transport Workers’Strikes

- Erin Audra Russ

Healing a Fractured Community: The Use of Community Sentencing Circles in Response to Hate Crimes

- Brian Sapir