Volume 8.2


Restorative Justice as Internalization of the Rule of Law: Combining Restoration with Retribution in the Film Festen

- Michal Alberstein

Exploring the Limits of the Restorative Justice Paradigm: Restorative Justice and White-Collar Crime

- Zvi D. Gabbay

Working Towards Restorative Justice in Ethiopia: Integrating Traditional Conflict Resolution Systems with the Formal Legal System 

- Julie Macfarlane

Restorative Justice: An Empirically Grounded Movement Facing Many Opportunities and Pitfalls 

- Mark S. Umbreit, Betty Vos, Robert B. Coates, & Elizabeth Lightfoot

The Restorative Justice Wager: The Promise and Hope of a Value-Based, Dialogue-Driven Approach to Conflict Resolution for Social Healing

- Howard J. Vogel

Restorative Justice in Post-Disaster Situations: Untapped Potential

- Maria R. Volpe

Symposium Presentations

Justice or Forgiveness? In Search of a Solution

    - Olga Botcharova

Restorative Justice and the Sexual Abuse Scandal in the Catholic Church 

- Honorable Janine Geske

Healing and Accountability in the Criminal Justice System: Applying Restorative Justice Processes in the Workplace 

- Kay Pranis


The Internal Revenue Service and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Moving from Infancy to Legitimacy 

- David Parsly

News Media as Mediators 

– Carol Pauli