Volume 8.1


The Propriety of Expanded Judicial Review Under the FAA: Achieving a Balance Between Enforcing Parties’ Agreements According to their Terms and Maintaining Arbitral Efficiency 

- Eric Chafetz

Venting of Vipassana? Mindfulness Mediation’s Potential for Reducing Anger’s Role in Mediation

- Don Ellinghausen Jr.

Holding Restorative Justice Accountable 

- Zvi D. Gabbay

Land Conflict Management Under a Tree Cropping System: The Case of Theobroma cacao in Southwestern Nigeria 

- E. O. Idowu

The Role of Citizens and the Future of International Law: A Paradigm for a Changing World 

- Avnita Lakhani

Language, Morals, and Conceptual Frameworks in Dispute Resolution: Establishing, Employing, and Managing the Logos 

- Michael T. Wawrzycki


Mediating Cases Involving Domestic Violence: Solution or Setback? 

- Aimee Davis

Moving from Mandatory: Making ADR Voluntary in New York Commercial Division Cases 

– Ari Davis

Helping Those Who Are Helping Us: Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Protection and its Interplay with Arbitration 

– Adam Fisher

The Road Less Traveled: Using ADR to Help Reform First- Time Juvenile Offenders 

– Maggie Gertz

An Unfair Advantage: Comparing the International Court of Justice to a Form of ADR and Why it was Inappropriate for the Court to Issue an Advisory Opinion in the Case of Israel’s Separation Fence 

– Mimi Trenk