Volume 7.2


What Private Mediators Can Learn From the Peace-Builders

- Kenneth Fox

Mediators and Representing Clients in Cross-Cultural Disputes

- Harold Abramson

Self-Determination in International Mediation: Some Preliminary Reflections

- Jacqueline Nolan-Haley

Mediation Success or Failure: A Search for the Elusive Criteria 

- Jacob Bercovitch

Promotion of International Commercial Arbitration and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques in Ten Southern Mediterranean Countries

- Guiseppe De Palo and Linda Costabile

Strategies for Implementing and Enforcing Peace Agreements: Lessons Learned

- Mark Schneider

Begging for Justice? Or, Adaptive Jurisprudence? Initial Reflections on Mandatory ADR to Enforce Women’s Rights in Rwanda

- Phyllis E. Bernard

2005 Cardozo International Advocate for Peace Award: Acceptance Speech

- Betty Kaari Murungi


Obstruction of Justice: The Arbitration Process for Anti-Doping Violations During the Olympic Games

- Andrew Goldstone

Mandatory Mediation: The Extra Dose Needed to Cure The Medical Malpractice Crisis

– Florence Yee

Collaboration in the Exploration of Outer Space: Using ADR to Resolve Conflicts in Space

– Ka Fei Wong