Volume 6.2


International Advocate for Peace Acceptance Speech

- Eve Ensler

Shifting the Focus from the Myth of The Vanishing Trial to Complex Conflict Management Systems, or I learned Almost Everything I need to know about Conflict Resolution from Marc Galanter

- John Lande

Mediation and Justice: What Standards Govern?

- Joseph B. Stulberg

The Concept of Justice in Mediation: A Psychobiography 

- Ellen Waldman



The Unguided Use of Internal ADR Programs to Resolve Sexual Harassment Controversies in the Workplace

- Jessica Oser

Is Alternative Dispute Resolution Really An Alternative for Federal Employees?: Possible Suggestions for Encouraging Federal Employees to Participating in ADR Programs

– Lisa Pell

Mindfulness Meditation, The Cultivation of Awareness, Mediator Neutrality, and the Possibility of Justice

– Evan M. Rock