Volume 6.1


The Promise and Perils of “Our” Justice: Psychological, Critical and Economic Perspectives on Communities and Prejudices in Mediation

- Clark Freshman

Swimming in the Deep End: Dealing with Justice in Mediation

- Jonathan M. Hyman

The Merger of Law and Mediation: Lessons from Equity Jurisprudence and Roscoe Pound

- Jacqueline M. Nolan-Haley

UNCITRAL, Its Workings in International Arbitration and a New Model Conciliation Law 

- William K. Slate II, Seth H. Lieberman, Joseph R. Weiner & Marko Micanovic



Maybe Not the Best Solution, But a Solution: The German Foundation Agreement

- Jolie Bell

ADR of Patent Disputes: A Customized Prescription, Not an Over-the-Counter Remedy

– Marion M. Lim