Volume 14.3


The Rise in Judicial Hostility to Arbitration: Revisiting Hall Street Associates

- Thomas E. Carbonneau

The Curious Case of Transformative Dispute Resolution: An Unfortunate Marriage of Intransigence, Exclusivity, and Hype

- Robert J. Condlin

A Tale of Two Lawyers: How Arbitrators and Advocates Can Avoid the Dangerous Convergence of Arbitration and Litigation

- Neal M. Eiseman, John Bulman, and R. Thomas Dunn

What if You Build It and No One Comes?: The Introduction of Mediation to Russia

Kathryn Hendley

The Psychology of Mediation

- David A. Hoffman and Richard N. Wolman

Dispute System Design: A Comparative Study of India, Israel and California

- Janet Martinez, Sheila Purcell, Hagit Shaked-Gvili, and Mohan Mehta.

Arbitration and the Future of Delaware’s Corporate Law

Brian JM Quinn

Ensuring Remedies to Cure Cramming

- Amy J. Schmitz

Is Adjudication A Public Good? “Overcrowded Courts” And The Private Sector Alternative Of Arbitration

- Stephen J. Ware