Volume 13.1


Mediation: A Revolutionary Process that is Replacing the American Judicial System

- Richard M. Calkins

Can the Leopard Change His Spots?! Reflections on the ‘Collaborative Law’ Revolution and Collaborative Advocacy

- Dafna Lavi

Alternative Dispute Resolution Expands Into Pre-trial Practice: An Introduction to the Role of E-neutrals

- Allison O. Skinner


Book Review

Methodology in Action: On Consistency, Accuracy and Proficiency in Mediation

- Ran Kuttner


Special Comment

Courageous Conversations: Aligning the Occupy Wall Street and the Mediation Movements

- Raymond Shonholtz



Equitable Estoppel to Compel Arbitration in New York: a Doctrine to Prevent Inequity

- Matthew Berg

Mismatch.com: Online Dispute Resolution and Divorce

- Rebecca Brennan

Music to Everyone’s Ears: Binding Mediation in Music Rights Disputes

- Matthew H. Ormsbee

A Solution to Holdouts in the National Football League: How Salary Arbitration Can Limit a Growing Problem

- Roger Quiles

A Lesson From the Holocaust Restitution Movement for Armenians: Generate Momentum to Secure Restitution

- Vartges Saroyan

Red Card Racism: Using the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to Prevent and Punish Racist Conduct Perpetrated by Fans Attending European Soccer Games

- Alexander Wynn

The Adventures of ‘Superman’: A Narrative Worth Mediating

- Jeffrey Zeman