Volume 11.1


The Jurisprudence of Mediation: Between Formalism, Feminism and Identity Conversations

- Michal Alberstein

Multijurisdictional ADR Practice: Lessons for Litigators

- Kristen M. Blankley, Emily E. Root, and John Minter

An Anthropologist’s Approach to Mediation

- Rebecca Golbert

Private Military Companies & International Law: Building New Ladders of Legal Accountability & Responsibility

- Jackson Nyamuya Maogoto and Benedict Sheehy

Bad Medicine: On Disciplining Physician Felons

- Milton Heumann, Brian Pinaire, and Simon Burger

Ninth Annual International Advocate for Peace Award Ceremony

Opening Remarks

- Jack Himmelstein

International Advocate for Peace Award Acceptance Speech

- Amira Dotan



Yada, Yada, Yada: Seinfeld, the Law and Mediation

- Paul Devendorf

Licensing Technology to the BRICS: The Case for ADR

- Aaron Pereira

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Small Consensual Litigation: Too Much of a Good Thing?

- Mark S. Simms

Disciplining the Disciplinary Systems in Professional Sports: An Attempt to Fix the Arbitrary and Overreaching Disciplinary Powers of Sports Commissioners

- David Sirotkin

Coping with Combat Claims: An Analysis of the Foreign Claims Act’s Combat Exclusion

- Jordan Walerstein

Judges Gone Wild: Why Breaking the Mediation Confidentiality Privilege for Acting in “Bad Faith” Should be Reevaluated in Court-Ordered Mandatory Mediation

- Samara Zimmerman


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