Volume 10.1


MEET THE NEW LAWYER – Book Review of The New Lawyer: How Settlement Is Tranforming the Practice of Law by Julie MacFarlane

- Arthur Pearlstein

ADR and Collective Trauma: Constructing the Forum for the Traumatic Fuss

- Michael Alberstein

What’s a Cross-Cultural Mediator to Do? A Low-Context Solution for a High-Context Program

- John Barkai

A Systemic Perspective of ADR in Latin America: Enhancing the Shadow of the Law Through Citizen Participation

- Mariana Hernandez Crespo

Technology Mediated Dispute Resolution Can Improve the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Ethical Practices System: The Deaf Community is Well Prepared and Can Lead by Example

- David Allen Larson and Paula Gajewski Mickelson

Understanding Indigenous Dispute Resolution Processes and Western Alternative Dispute Resolution

- Carlo Osi

Denial as a Security Concept

- Taner Akcam



Divorce Mediation – Limiting the Profession to Family/Matrimonial Lawyers

- Jaime Abraham

ADR in the Music Industry: Tailoring Dispute Resolution to the Different Stages of the Artist-Label Relationship

- Kaleena Scamman

Baby Steps to Grown-Up Divorce: The Introduction of the Collaborative Family Law Center and the Continued Need for True No-Fault Divorce in New York

- Gabriella L. Zborovsky