Volume 14.1


The Benefits to be Derived from Post-Negotiation Assessments

- Charles B. Craver

The Neurophysiology of ADR and Process Design: A New Approach to Conflict Prevention and Resolution?

- Jeremy Lack and François Bogacz

The Kids Are Not All Right: Mandating Peer Mediation As A Proactive Anti-Bullying Measure In Schools

- Jon M. Philipson

Beyond Foreign Policy: A Fresh Look at Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Dispute Resolution Based on The India-United States Nuclear Test Ban Negotiations

- Sukhsimranjit Singh

2012 International Advocate for Peace Award Acceptance Speech

- John Marks, Founder and President, Search For Common Ground


Old Problem, New Medium: Deception in Computer-Facilitated Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

- Brian Farkas

Chinese Use Of Administrative Proceedings To Enforce Intellectual Property Rights: Evaluating And Improving ADR In China

- Simeng Han

A Meteorite And A Lost City: Mutually Beneficial Solutions Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

- Sam Markowitz

Using Principles and Policies of Maritime Arbitration to Guide Responsible Parties in Oil Spill Claims Resolution

- Lucy Martucci

Red With Envy: Why The Fashion Industry Should Embrace ADR as a Viable Solution to Resolving Trademark Disputes

- Erica S. Schwartz